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Labor leasing -
What is that?

Temporary work, personnel leasing, temporary work. The terminology is diverse, the meaning of the content remains the same. The agency hires out staff to the employer.


Further explanation:

Are only Eastern European nurses employed at the B&B?

B&B's recruiting focus is on Eastern Europe, but we are open to all candidates who have the professional and character traits to work in Austria. We look forward to your application, whether Austrian, Austrian by choice, EU citizen or wherever your home is or was. 

Are the foreign nurses on the same level as Austrian nurses?

Of course! We would never provide or provide you with insufficiently qualified personnel. Our values are shaped by sustainable relationships, both with our customers and our employees. Our staff goes through a demanding application process. We check all the necessary requirements: professional law, language and character.  


Note: There are high hurdles in Austria for the admission of foreign qualifications. Each degree is approved by the Ministry of Social Affairs (Federal Ministry for Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection). For approval, there are clear guidelines as to which foreign training courses are recognized and which certificates are dubious.  


This recognition is the basis for entry in the health professions register, together with authorized proof of good German language skills (min. B2).

Currently suspended  


This means that only qualified nurses with a good knowledge of German enter this highly sensitive market. 

As a customer, can I take on employees from the B&B?

Of course, we like to keep valuable employees in our company. However, if you as a customer would like to take over this, this is the strongest proof of good work and your trust. You can do this at any time under the agreed conditions.  

A takeover can also be agreed at the beginning of a business relationship as part of a longer integration process that begins with a transfer and ends with a takeover. 

As a customer, can I hand over to staff the B&B?

If you want to relieve your payroll of personnel costs, present costs differently or simply no longer want to bear the risk of absenteeism, we will also take on personnel from you and hire them permanently. Together with the customer and the caregiver, we find the optimal solution for all sides. 

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