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We are "also" your employer, but above all your partner on an equal footing. We support you from day one and your success is our goal. You have a say in the structure of your work with us, right from the start.



Having a strong and trustworthy partner at your side is important - especially when you're on your own in a new environment. Whether you are placed with a client as part of an agency assignment or are employed by B&B, we care about you and are here for you! 

In most cases, anyone who has not completed their training in Austria must first have their professional qualifications recognized. This can take time and be nerve-wracking, especially if you lack knowledge of the system or your language skills are insufficient. We take care of this process for you - from A to Z, so you don't have to worry about it.



To work in the nursing sector in Austria, you will need to achieve language level B2.

If you already have a B2 or higher language level, we will speak to you in German straight away and you will be able to start work quickly once your professional qualification has been recognized. If you do not yet have sufficient language skills, we will accompany you on your way there, adapted to your needs and your current language level.

We can also help you find accommodation. Moving to a foreign country is stressful enough. You can benefit from our contacts to find affordable and comfortable accommodation near your new place of work.

Smooth Arrival.

Always by your side.

As a family business in the personnel services sector, you are more than just a number to us. Your concerns are our top priority, from day one. Either you become a permanent part of the B&B family - you will feel at home with us - or you can let the personnel agency find you a job - you will be satisfied!

Let's start


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