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B&B Austria ist DER dynamische und aufstrebende Personaldienstleister im Pflegebereich. Wir finden mit und für unsere Kunden:innen, die richtige Lösung. 


Unser Recruiting-Schwerpunkt liegt im Osten Europas, Fokus ist hierbei Rumänien.


Teil der B&B Austria-Familie ist die Bührer Personalservice GmbH, welche Ihnen als Vermittlungsagentur zur Seite steht und für Sie qualifizierte Pflegekräfte findet. 

We care for your care.


International - we connect Eastern and Central Europe,
linguistically and culturally


Dynamic - through short paths and quick decisions we get straight to the point


Familiar - As a young founding family, we exude the flair of
Start-Up & Family Business

Bei uns zählen Sie und Ihre Wünsche!

With us, you and your wishes count!

  1. Our core competence is to find the right position for you in a nursing home, hospital or clinic

  2. We provide support in the recognition process as well as in the process of registration in the health professions register.

  3. You don’t have sufficient knowledge of German yet? – No problem, we have the right German course for you!

  4. Even after the successful placement, we are there for you – your concerns are always welcome and we will be happy to assist you

  5. Do you need help with official procedures, applications for family benefits or other applications? – please contact us with these matters, we will help you through the bureaucratic jungle.

Get in 

Maintaining constant connection is very important to us. We stay in touch and are happy to be your contact for any issues we can help with.


We are also happy to mediate culturally if there are any discrepancies. This is how we manage to bind staff to their employers in the long term.

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