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B&B Austria is your strategic partner for nursing staff . Whether you are looking for direct employment, would like to hire qualified nursing staff from us as part of the temporary work force , or as a combination solution of a temporary assignment that is later to become a permanent position - we will find the right solution with you. 

B&B Vorteile für Kunden

Your benefits

Your flexibility is our business. We are fast, flexible and full of energy - simply dynamic and fresh. With us, you have new access to highly motivated nursing staff from Eastern Europe. 

B&B Kundenbewertungen

Customer reviews

The strongest proof of excellent work:  Your customer recommendation and you as a valuable reference for B&B Austria.

We know how difficult it is to find the right staff, after all, a lot is demanded of the nursing staff, and the Corona crisis has exacerbated all of this. In any case, the supply gap in Austria with competent nursing staff will become even greater. With the With B&B Austria at your side, you are on the safe side to be able to continue to fulfill your high-quality tasks in the future.



You are looking for a permanent position in your company for a specific position. 

Labor Leasing

Service available soon
The maximum of flexibility. They employ salaried staff  B&B Austria on the construct of temporary work.

Integration transfer

Service available soon

The combination solution: from being hired out in a permanent position


Would you like to be hired directly and leave the search for it to a specialist? 

We create an exact search profile with you and take care of the optimal occupation. The entire recruiting process is carried out by us. 

Labor Leasing  - Service available soon

We make our staff available to you as part of the temporary work force. In this way, you remain flexible and do not burden your payroll with personnel costs. In addition, this tool offers you a maximum of calculable costs, you only pay for work done. B&B Austria assumes the risk of non-service periods for you. You can react to staff shortages and be flexible.

Integration transfer  - Service available soon

Employees who have already been assigned to you, who have proven themselves and also feel the desire to switch to permanent employment with you, can also be hired from us. The integration transfer is therefore the perfect combination solution without short-term pressure to make a decision.


Proximity & Dynamic

Your flexibility is our business. We are fast, flexible and full of energy - simply dynamic and fresh. We are always available for our customers and always close by. Your concerns will always be dealt with quickly and easily. Get in touch with us today.
We look forward to you!

Our Recruiting Focus

With us, you have new access to highly motivated nursing staff from Eastern Europe. Our recruiting network in Romania thus has a clear focus that sets it apart from our competitors. Would you also like to fish in another pond?
Contact us!

Broad  Competence

We bring with us a very rich horizon of experience. We have seen and helped shape corporate life as well as medium-sized and small family businesses from the inside. We ran the business and did sales ourselves. Recruiting and personnel management have accompanied us for many years. Our academic backgrounds in business and law form a stable framework for you to be a trustworthy partner and an important pillar of your recruitment. 

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Vorteile Untenehmen

The cooperation with B&B Austria was uncomplicated and trusting. My concerns were taken seriously and implemented quickly. I look forward to future work together.


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