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Status 02/01/2022

Information obligation according to §5 E-Commerce law, §14 company code, §63 trade regulations and disclosure obligation according to §25 media law.

B&B Austria eU

Andreea-Rebeca Bührer

Haymogasse 92, house 2, 1230 Vienna,


Object of the company: Recruitment Tel.: +43 664 241 8963

Member of: WKO

Professional law: trade regulations:

Supervisory authority/commercial authority: Municipal district office for the 23rd district, Vienna
Job title: recruiter
State of award: Austria

Contact details of the person responsible for data protection
If you have any questions about data protection,
You will find the contact details of the responsible person or body below:
B&B Austria eU
Email address:
Telephone: +43 664 241 8963

EU Dispute Settlement

In accordance with the regulation on online dispute resolution in consumer matters (ODR regulation), we would like to inform you about the online dispute resolution platform (OS platform).
Consumers have the option of submitting complaints to the European Commission's online dispute resolution platform

at You will find the necessary contact details above in our imprint.

However, we would like to point out that we are not willing or obliged to participate in dispute settlement procedures before a consumer arbitration board.

Liability for the content of this website

We are constantly developing the content of this website and strive to provide correct and up-to-date information. Unfortunately, we cannot accept liability for the correctness of any content on this website, especially that provided by third parties. As a service provider, we are not obliged to monitor the information you transmit or store, or to investigate circumstances that indicate illegal activity.

Our obligations to remove information or to block the use of information under general law due to court or official orders remain unaffected even if we are not responsible.

If you notice any problematic or illegal content, please contact us immediately so that we can remove the illegal content. You will find the contact details in the imprint.

Liability for links on this website

Our website contains links to other websites for which we are not responsible. We are not liable for linked websites, since we were not and have no knowledge of illegal activities, we have not noticed any such illegal activities and we would remove links immediately if we became aware of illegal activities.

If you notice illegal links on our website, please contact us. You will find the contact details in the imprint.


Copyright Notice

All contents of this website (images, photos, texts, videos) are subject to copyright. Please ask us before distributing, reproducing or exploiting the contents of this website, such as republishing them on other websites. If necessary, we will prosecute the unauthorized use of parts of the content of our site.

If you find content on this website that violates copyright, please contact us.

Picture credit

The images, photos and graphics on this website are protected by copyright.

The image rights belong to the following photographers and companies:
• Shutterstock, Inc. (US), 350 Fifth Avenue, 21st Floor, NY 10118

All texts are copyrighted.
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